Desi Ghee 1 kg

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Pure cow desi ghee using Ayurveda method

There are 3 prevalent methods of making ghee from milk:

1. As in dairy, separate milk fat by centrifugal machines and boil it to get ghee. This ghee is not of good medicinal value. But manufacturing is fast. In modern process the milk is passed through cream separating machine. After passing 25 litres of milk in cream separating machine, 1 kg of cream and 24 litres of white liquid (which is sold to us again as milk) is obtained. So there is loss of only 1 litre of milk as 24 litres is sold back as milk. The cost of one litre milk is Rs 25. Cost of separating cream, heating and packing can be Rs 50. So this type of ghee costs utmost Rs 75 per kg and is sold in the market at Rs 250- 350 per kg ! ! !

2. As in homes, remove malai after boiling the milk. Convert it to curd and then to butter and then boil it to get ghee. Although it is better but not the best. Manufacturing is slow but milk can be used for consumption. People making ghee in this way should add equal (or more) amount of milk to themalai before converting it to curd.

3. The costliest method used in previous yugas is to make curd from whole milk. Then churn it to separate makhan (मक्खन) from it and then boil it to get Ghee. This is called whole milk ghee and it is the costliest but has all medicinal properties of cow's milk. To manufacture 1 kg of such ghee, it takes 30 to 35 liters of cow milk. The only bi product is chaas (no milk is left as it is converted into curd). So this method is expensive.

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