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Row Honey 1 kg

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Pure Natural Raw Honey Uncooked, Unprocessed No preservatives added No Flavours.

Did you know that the taste, flavour and texture of the Honey varies depending on the flowers, season and region from which the Bees collect nectar? How then is the Honey you normally buy from the super market tastes, smells and feels the same throughout the year? Well the Honey you buy from big brands are highly processed and ultra filtered to standardise it's taste, texture and flavour. Unfortunately this processing destroys all the beneficial properties of the Honey and makes it a mere sugar syrup because if you heat Honey to more than 45 degrees celsius all the beneficial enzymes in the Honey gets destroyed. Also the ultra filtration removes all the pollen in the Honey which is what gives each bottle of Honey it's unique taste and flavour. Real raw Honey is extracted from the BeeHives and then packed in bottles without any processing. It has all the beneficial enzymes and pollen intact. Switch to real raw Honey today to experience the real benefits of consuming Honey.

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